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Native American Casino

Innovation happens when you step outside of the status quo


Looking for more? You must step outside of the status quo.


Native American Casino



Employee Count


Plan Savings

$2,300,000 first year
$9,100,000 over three years

The Challenge

A Native American Casino group thought they were doing everything possible to control their medical spend. They were already self-funded, were utilizing an onsite health center, and had even implemented an onsite pharmacy. They were seeing great results and even had a flat renewal.

In search of what they could do next, they listened to a webinar on alternative reimbursements and were alerted to the possibilities of when you step outside of the traditional carrier.

Our Solution

Given the unique nature of a tribal entity, moving to a more flexible model allowed the group to maximize the cost reduction strategies specific to this industry. They were able to implement:

  • Medicare-Like Rates
  • 340B drug pricing; transparent PBM
  • Direct contracting and bundled payments
  • Incentives to high quality facilities


A WAY BETTER PLAN. Employees, and their families, now have lower contributions on a monthly basis and the plan WAIVES all out-of-pocket costs when members go to high-quality providers. YES, employees get FREE healthcare!

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