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Primary Care Practice

No One Knows Better Than The Doc


Why can’t I design my plan to benefit me?


Primary Care Practice

Southeast; 3 Locations


Employee Count


Plan Savings

$170,000 First Year
Flat Trend for 2 Years

The Challenge

A primary care practice in the southeast always questioned why they couldn’t have more control of their healthcare offering when they understand healthcare and have some unique business characteristics and objectives. This practice wanted to:

  • Drive more of their employees to use their own services- PCP, imaging, ASC
  • Save cost – Received a 44% increase
  • Enhance their relationship with the other employers in their community
  • Drive care to the highest quality/ best priced facilities
After getting a 44% increase, the CEO of the practice went out to search for something new.

Our Solution & Results:

A WAY BETTER PLAN. Employees, and their families, now have lower contributions on a monthly basis and the plan WAIVES all out-of-pocket costs when members go to high-quality providers. YES, employees get FREE healthcare!

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