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Senior Living

Structure Your Health Benefits Like You Structure Your Business


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Senior Living


Multi-Location; 9 States

Employee Count


Plan Savings

$300,000 first year
$2,073,235 over 4 years

The Challenge

A senior living organization runs an entire business off Medicare, but yet uses a “top down” approach when dealing with their 2nd largest expense- health benefits. Additionally, employee demographics present a challenge when designing a health benefits offering.

  • Employees scattered in multiple locations; often multi-state
  • Diverse range of employees; large disparity of socio-economics
  • High turnover, low margin business
  • Low benefits savviness

Our Solution

Run your health plan like you run your business

Given the unique nature of a tribal entity, moving to a more flexible model allowed the group to maximize the cost reduction strategies specific to this industry. They were able to implement:

  • Medicare-Like Rates
  • 340B drug pricing; transparent PBM
  • Direct contracting and bundled payments
  • Incentives to high quality facilities


graph of results

How real customers feel about transparency