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Utilization Management

Utilization Management

Control costs all around

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Control costs. Innovative models help you look at specific business needs & select healthcare locations that ensure the BEST healthcare for the BEST cost.

Healthcare quality has a direct impact.
Ensure the best care for members.

It is essential to consistently provide quality care at the best price in order to keep employees productive & resources free. Utilization Management brings together the tools to do both.

Medical Management

Easily implement healthcare management to ensure the RIGHT healthcare is being accessed at the RIGHT price and at the RIGHT time.

Care Navigation

Ensure members are guided to the highest quality healthcare at the best cost…. For ALL services.


Reduce confusion & expense with a proactive advocacy program that optimizes outcomes for you & your employees.

What’s included

Simplify healthcare complexity

Quantify your needs & identify the most impactful solutions.

  • Identify opportunities to save
  • Ensure efficiency for all spend
  • Establish better care at a lower price

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Clearly educate members

Ensure members know how to take advantage of the best quality healthcare and get the best price for all services.

  • Pre-authorization policies
  • Incentivize member's participation
  • Navigate to the best providers

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Provide help on-demand

Offer expert guidance at a moment's notice, so no one goes it alone.

  • Offer 24/7 support for all members
  • Establish cost protection with policy
  • Leverage technology & improve impact

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